John K. Tucker

John K. Tucker studied turtle evolutionary biology and response of the red-eared slider (Trachemys scripta elegans (Weid, 1839)) to global climate change at The Great Rivers Field Station of the Illinois Natural History Survey. Now retired, he holds a Master’s degree from Illinois State University, and has published many articles on herpetology including How to Know Your Illinois Turtles in Outdoor Illinois with Chad Dolan and Jim Lamer. He also published widely on the subject of cone shell systematics beginning in 1973 with articles in Hawaiian Shell News. Mr. Tucker published the Catalog of Recent and Fossil Turrids in Zootaxa 682 in 2004, a 1295 page volume that grew out of studies on cone shells. Interests in cone shell systematics also led to the book Supraspecific Classification of Recent and Fossil Conoidean Gastropods, which was coauthored with Manuel J. Tenorio in 2009. This book was followed by one on the Eastern Pacific cone shells, A Conchological Iconography. The Families Conilithidae and Conidae. The Cones of the Eastern Pacific, which was co-authored with Manuel J. Tenorio and Henry W. Chaney of the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. The Cone Shells of Florida was published by MdM in 2013. In the current volume we provide a pictorial index to the living cone shell species, subspecies and forms that should be useful to anyone interested in identifying these interesting and important animals.

Manuel J. Tenorio

Dr. Manuel J. Tenorio was born in Jerez, Spain, in 1965. He obtained his BSc in Chemistry at the University of Cadiz (Spain) in 1987, and his PhD degree from the University of Sussex (United
Kingdom) in 1991. Since 1996, he holds the position of Associate Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Cádiz. Apart
from an extensive record of publications in Chemistry, Dr. Tenorio
has co-authored quite a few papers on Conoidean gastropods in recent times, and has participated in three volumes of the
Conchological Iconography series published by Conchbooks devoted to cone shells from West Africa, South Africa and the eastern Pacific, respectively. He has described more than twenty new species and subspecies of Cones and of other Conoideans, many of them from the Cape Verde Islands, to where he travels often. He is involved in the study of radular anatomy as a proxy for classification of cones at specific and supraspecific levels. These works led to the publication of the book Systematic Classification of Recent and Fossils Conoidean Gastropods in 2009, in collaboration with John K. Tucker. Dr. Tenorio has participated actively in the organisation of the First and Second International Cone Meetings held in Stuttgart (Germany) in 2010 and in La Rochelle (France) in 2012, and is involved also in the planning of the 3rd meeting of this kind to be held in Madrid (Spain) in 2014. Dr. Tenorio has also interests in the application of geometric morphometry techniques to the study of molluscs’ shells in general, and of Conoideans in particular.