Duodenticonus memiae, JKT 4854, 23.5 mm, in 80 m, Aliguay Island, Mindanao, Philippines.

  • page 113:  bodarti  Coltro, 2004 and page 363:  schirrmeisteri Coltro, 2004.

The photos that illustrate the taxa bodarti Coltro, 2004 and schirrmeisteri Coltro, 2004 in pages 113 and 363 respectively got exchanged. The correct ones with their captions are shown in here:

  • page 226:  illawarra  Garrard, 1961.

The photo that illustrates the taxon illawarra Garrard, 1961 is not correct. The correct one with its caption is shown in here:

Holotype of Leptoconus illawarra, AMS C. 63349, 28.5 mm, East of Stanwell Park, New South Wales, Australia.

Lectotype of Conus anceps, NHMUK, 78 mm, Moluccas

  • page 50: Taxonomic Summary - Genus Lamniconus Da Motta, 1991.

The taxon tostesi must be removed from the congeners list.

  • page 173:  edaphus  Dall, 1910.

Range is missing: Range: from mid-Gulf of California, Mexico, south to Panama. Also present in  Is. Revillagigedo, Clipperton, Isla del Coco and Galápagos.

  • page 194:  floridulus  A. Adams and Reeve, 1848.

The correct name for the genus is Lividoconus and not Lividiconus as stated.

  • page 205:  gibsonsmithorum  Petuch, 1986a.

Range is missing: Range: Venezuela and Colombia.

  • page 277:  memiae  Habe and Kosuge, 1970a.

The photo that illustrates the taxon memiae Habe and Kosuge, 1979a is not correct. The correct one with its caption is shown in here:

  • page 388:  taslei  Kiener, 1850.

The range specified is incorrect. The correct one is: Range: from southern Senegal to Guinea-Bissau and Guinea-Conakry. Also present in Joal Fadiout and Îles des Madeleines, Senegal.

  • page 391:  teodorae  Rolán and Fernandes in Rolán, 1990.

The correct name for the author is Fernandes and not Fernandez as stated.

  • page 398/399:  tostesi  Petuch, 1986a.

The taxon name on the entry must be in plain italics (i.e. not in bold), since it is considered a form of clerii. The correct name for the type locality is Rio de Janeiro and not Rio de Janiro as stated.

Coltroconus iansa form bodarti, INHS 44921, 16.1 mm, NE of Abrolhos, Bahia, Brazil.

Holotype of Conus schirrmeisteri, MZUSP 39.906, 9.9 mm, Sulfur Bank, 125 km NE Abrolhos Archipelago, off Alcobaça Bahia State, Brazil.

Additions and Corrections

This section comprises corrections to the IllustratedCatalog of the Living Cone Shells

In this section we will try to correct any errors found after publication of the Illustrated Catalog of the Living cone Shells in November, 2013. This section excludes the new species described, the revision of taxa status, or taxonomic updates, which are covered in other sections of this site. We apologize for the inconveniences!


  • page 82 :  anceps  A. Adams, 1855a.

The photo that illustrates the taxon anceps A. Adams, 1855a is not correct. The correct one with its caption is shown in here: